LabhLaxmi Aries Result Lottery Result 13/04/2020 (Monday) Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery

TODAY LabhLaxmi Aries Lottery Result
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LabhLaxmi Aries Result Lottery Result 13-04-2020 (Monday) Arunachal Pradesh State LotterySo finally, Monday is here to start a new week and so does a new lottery draw that will be declared by Arunachal Pradesh State lottery. The Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Monday LabhLaxmi Aries Result is declared at 04:00 PM on every Monday. This lottery is a weekly lottery that is held by Arunachal Pradesh. LabhLaxmi Aries results are drawn by 04:00 PM on Monday and the prizes vary from 100/- to 10,000/-INR. And LabhLaxmi Aries is just one of the other several lotteries held by state lottery deptt.

You can check about the other lotteries on our website and also for lotteries from all India. On our website, you can also check the ticket prices, prizes, and other latest news about the lotteries from all over India.


LabhLaxmi Aries Result Lottery Result

The Price of the Each Ticket Labh Laxmi Aries Result Lottery Result

The price of the ticket for Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Monday LabhLaxmi Aries is just 10/- Indian Rupees. This is a very small price as compared to the amount on each prize. The ticket is available on every ticket counters in the Arunachal Pradesh. You can buy the ticket for just 10 Indian rupees. For any future update or change in the lottery ticket price, you can check our website

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The Prize on Monday LabhLaxmI Aries Lottery

The prize on each lottery varies from 100/- INR to 10,000/- INR. The details about prize money and the result is available on our site for Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Monday LabhLaxmi Aries. The prizes for 1st to the 6th winner are listed below.

  1. First Prize:       10,000/-
  2. Second Prize:-   9000/-
  3. Third Prize:-         500/-
  4. Fourth Prize:-       300/-
  5. Fifth Prize:-           200/-
  6. Sixth Prize:-          100/-

The results are available on our website as soon as they are declared by Arunachal Pradesh state govt. You can also check the past results on our website for All India Lotteries.

LabhLaxmi Aries Result Lottery Result 13/04/2020:- Click-Here


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